Ramadan has arrived, the month of mercy and renewal.

The opportunity that we have been waiting for all year to purify our souls, strengthen them and feed them.

We fast by abandoning food and drink during certain hours of the day, that is, the body's food, in order to detoxify our body and eliminate harmful substances that harm it, such as toxic habits, or simply, unbalanced eating habits.

Just as we meet those physical needs, during this holy month we also meet our spiritual needs, which are really the most important in Ramadan.

We fast to detoxify our souls, that is, refraining from bad deeds and bad thoughts, leaving aside certain actions that damage our integrity or that can lead to a waste of time without providing any benefit, abandoning some habits, such as excessive consumption , spend unlimited time in front of the screens, on social networks, etc. We get rid of certain acts seeking to disconnect, and thus leaving space for others that would fill our soul, such as the search for knowledge and good works.

This is a month in which we try to exercise self-control and patience, increase our willpower and, ultimately, a period in which we practice self-discipline.

Feeding the soul begins by sitting down to reflect with ourselves, to evaluate ourselves and meditate, that is, to undertake a deep task of introspection, in order to know ourselves better and to know where our faults are and where the deficit lies, in search of being able to correct it and improve, uplifting our souls, drawing closer and strengthening our relationship with the Creator.

It is the ideal time to set new spiritual goals and objectives, as well as review our actions and the lists of purposes that we have pending to achieve, such as improving our family relationships, or those things for which we have not dared to take the step yet, like, for example, putting on the hijab. This month could be our chance.

In addition, it turns out to be a good time to try to control and eliminate from our hearts all those negative feelings towards others and towards ourselves, and an excellent opportunity to forgive the faults and mistakes of others, just as we would like to be forgiven, thus getting to purify the soul.

In Ramadan, the month in which the Qur'an was brought down, we find various sources from which we can nourish our souls, such as reading the verses of the Qur'an and living together with their meanings, observing the obligatory and voluntary prayers, going to the mosque on the nights of Qiyam (Tarawih), the recitation of supplications (Adkar) in the morning and at sunset, the contemplation of the attributes of Allah, listening to talks and following programs that bring us benefits, gratitude for all the blessings we are surrounded by putting ourselves in the shoes of those who do not have them, organizing breaks of the fast (Iftar) and sharing, participating in volunteer work, performing acts of charity, meeting with our family and friends to share the adorations ...

In short, a special and irreplaceable occasion to renew both body and soul, and feed ourselves both physically and spiritually, finding balance and inner peace.



Nourelhouda Boussaid


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