How many types of Islamic veils are there?

How many types of Islamic veils are there?

What are the hijabs most used by Muslim women?  

There is a very wide variety of types of Veil, the three most famous types of hijabs are: 

hijabs Georgette

Muslim Model with Georgette Hijab

Our hijabs Georgette are hijabs opaqueare made of a high-quality fabric that It has a very nice and soft touch, and a super nice drape. 

 Those Hijabs Georgette can be used as head and neck scarves.  

The big difference between hijabs georgette and chiffon is in texture, as the Hijabs georgette are more textured than hijabs Cloth. 

hijabs Chiffon

Muslim Model with Brown Chiffon Hijab

Our Veils Chiffon are characterized by being one of the handkerchiefs Muslims more comfortable, light and breathable. Our chiffon fabrics are ideal for everyday wear and formal. They can also be used as head scarves and neck scarves. 

Difference between Chiffon and Georgette: 

Chiffon fabric, being very light, it is always recommended to use a underscarf (hat for Veil) y pine to get a good grip.  

The difference between hijabs chiffon and georgette is in the feel of the fabric, the texture of the fabric: since chiffon fabric is less textured and lighter than georgette fabric. 

hijabs Jersey

Muslim Model With High Quality Hijab Jersey

Our hijabs Jersey are made of high quality cotton fabrics, they are made of an elastic fabric, and they are totally opaque, it is not necessary to use underscarf nor use pine as it will stay in place throughout the day.  

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