What is the meaning and origin of the hijab?

What is the meaning and origin of the hijab?

What does the Muslim headscarf mean? 

El Veil is an Arabic word, which means a head covering veil. 

But in Islam, the Veil It's not just about the veil or the headscarf Muslim woman wears on her headRather, it is entirely the belief that as a Muslim you should live diligently every day. That is, with modesty and devotion to religion.  

¿Why some Muslim men use the Veil? 

EL Veil also applies to muslim men, since the meaning of Veil is living modestly. In this case, men should use it mentally and physically (wearing clothes that are not too tight or see-through).  

How do you use the Veil? 

EL Veil It comes in many forms as there are ways to cover the body. But the most correct way is to carry clothes not transparentn and that it is not tight.  

¿It is mandatory to wear the Veil? 

In the Qur'an, there are certain verses that require carrying the Veil for muslims / muslims. 

However, there are Muslims who choose not to apply it. This is not to say that it is correct, but it depends on the level of belief of each person.   

¿El Veil is it restrictive?  

Although still the Veil Muslim women are considered a symbol of oppression. But it's really not restrictive. That is, the Veil does not prohibit pursuing your dreams. 

And the proof is that we find today many women who have pursued their dreams.the. 

Women who have perfollowed his dreams with him Veil: 

American Politics in a Colorful Hijab

Ilham omar: American Politician from Minnesota, Congressman of the United States. Was chosen in November of 2016 becoming the first woman of Muslim confession. 

Muslim Model with Red Hijab

Halima Aden: She is a Muslim model, born in a field of refuin Kenya and is the first woman with Veil what has paradedo with its Veil. 

Ballerina with Light Blue Hijab

Stephanie kurlow: Home dancer with Veil in the world, born in Australia. 

Rather than viewing her religion or head covering as an obstacle, Stephanie says she feels she is better equipped to achieve her goals as a professional dancer. 

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